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Our one day Divine women’s retreat June 19th, 2022 a perfect time to reconnect, reaffirm your priorities and relax into your Divinity even more & with ease, grace and flow!

Our upcoming retreat is a very special one day event for women … I am deeply looking forward to this and invite you to join us if you resonate and feel the calling.

10-week-chakras-and-beyond-series-for-thriving-on-all-levels. My last time teaching my signature women’s empowerment series in Adelaide before I move to Melbourne

Everything is connected with your chakra centres of consciousness and learning to understand these amazing centres (true gifts) will empower you to thrive from deep within, enhancing your health mentally, physically & spiritually and literally expand your awareness so you recognise your infinite potential. These classes are nurturing and loving and you will enjoy them uniquely at your own pace and in your own way, honouring yourself deeply.

10 month thrive & move forward package 2022

Are you ready to give yourself the greatest, most loving support, inspiration and deepest inner discovery this year of 2022? If yes, please read on … what I am offering might be just what you’ve been looking for … in utter honesty, if I wanted to thrive and truly give myself the highest potential to live my best year, I would take this package any day!!! Personalised, supportive, cheering you on, also helping you see how or why you might be holding yourself back and then assisting you in changing this into to true thriving, helpful belief patterns and wholistic self-care and hence actions that nourish and take you where you wish to be….

Why you can be happy

For some people this is natural. Happiness bubbles up naturally. Somehow they know something others are still trying to learn. They can be in the moment, immersed in what is happening fully. They can find the silver lining in a tough situation, they can see that life is unpredictable and a constant learning opportunity and …

Retreats – Yoga – Meditation – Hormonal balance series

Dear Soul Family  Meditation talk and gift: Tonight (every Monday night) I am offering us all a wonderful opportunity to dive deeply into meditation before bed, for a deeper sleep, greater clarity and a sense of inner connection that leads to a completely different ( happier) life-view … tonight I will (upon request) teach one …

Waking up from deception about our health- with useful links for your own research and your ability to make an educated choice – i.e. informed consent

A new study has confirmed that people who have been vaccinated against COVID produce excessive spike proteins that are capable of passing the Blood Brain Barrier causing irreparable damage to the brain — and Pfizer’s own documents warn that vaccinated people actually shed these excessive spike proteins putting the unvaccinated at risk for harm: In their latest issue brief, America’s Frontline …

Know your rights in Australia – with useful links

QR Checkin – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Australia With new “COVID” directives issued by the State Government being updated all the time, here’s some vital information to keep everyone in the community fully empowered and fully informed. As they say, knowledge is power! As a business owner, please know it’s your duty to protect consumer rights, NOT …