Discovering inner peace, freedom, healing, creativity and solutions to all challenges.

Meditation can be easy, joyful and uniquely tailored to your personality and lifestyle! We all know it is the key to health on all levels: emotionally, physically and mentally.

The meditative state creates deep inner awareness of your inherent knowing, wisdom, blueprint for health and reminds you to recognise the brilliance and capacity within you & to know you have all you need within you!

Within you is an infinite resource of joy, and creative solutions to challenges. The so called erratic, ego mind is highly limited. If it wasn’t, you would easily tap into the resourcefulness to all your challenges daily. The everyday mind is often just a repeat programme, installed long ago, trying to keep you safe, by keeping things as much as possible the ‘same’ and ‘predictable’. This blocks healthy integration and awareness of the higher, creative mind within you, reached through meditation. You can also call it bing in the flow state or the ‘zone’. This state is relaxed and very focussed.

I teach this to people from literally all walks of life (teachers, parents, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, children, the elderly (retired), homeless, people with cancer, pilots, CEOs, architects, University students during study time, government employees, 5 star retreat functions, yoga students) and from all ages between 5 and 80 so far!

What I hear literally every time, is that the way I teach is easy, informative, practical and inspirational.

I see people feeling so much better, recovering self-confidence, feeling empowered and smiling a lot more! I love it!

This is my privilege and beyond joy!

I love to teach so the intellect is satisfied in understanding the benefits and hence allowing the meditation in the first place, I always include gentle appropriate body work to fully honour the body and come into the ‘now’.

Then we use simple breath awareness and techniques and guided meditation and mindset skills and playful exploration of the ways of the mind. It depends on the group or person.

I teach how to relax mentally and physically and their inherent interconnectedness. Equally I teach how to harness energy to feel alert and focussed.

I look forward to serving you!