Latest adventures in Cairns, Queensland with sleep science and easy micro steps for anxiety management

Allow me to start by sharing a link to my first radio interview in Cairns, with Life in Harmony (LIH) Cairns radio 89.1FM. Here it is, enjoy! I was a bit shy and not quite speaking into the microphone properly the first few seconds, but corrected pretty quickly after that. Raine is a talented amazing interviewer and we had a wonderful time chatting about sleep in a holistic framework.

I was asked to choose 4 songs that are recent and Australian ideally. I took this as an awesome opportunity to promote my friend Erin Buku and her inspiring soulful music … her voice is incredible! So is her heart and soul and all that I have seen!

It turns out Raine is a musician too! She is amazing too, check out her music and support her too please, if you resonate!

Here is the recording (minus music and advertisements) of our conversation live on air on Cairns Radio 89.1 FM Life in Harmony Programme:

Here is her intro and some of the many topics we covered:

Sleep – it’s essential for our well-being!

Up next, we’re thrilled to feature the exceptional Sabine Christelli, a sleep and wellness expert who’s revolutionizing the way we approach a good night’s rest. Her groundbreaking techniques have been a lifeline for many grappling with sleep challenges.

Sabine, with a Graduate Certificate in Sleep Science (and half way through a PhD) and a holistic wellness coach, excels in kundalini yoga, NLP, and hypnotherapy, with a focus on enhancing women’s energy and mental health. Impressive, right?

Welcome listeners, we are LIVE for an insightful chat with Sabine. We’ll delve into her journey, discover her secrets for restful sleep, and learn how quality sleep can reshape our lives and community.

Don’t miss out on this chance to improve your sleep habits with Sabine’s guidance. Expect an hour of serene and enlightening conversation. 📻✨

Discover more about Sabine’s work and her activities in Cairns here:

Listen live here:

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