Taking care of your health

Many people talk to me about their health, wishing to feel better, rather than getting worse. I get asked about the best approaches in my opinion and experience. Naturally I would always say to get a full history by a medical Dr and someone with the expertise that relates to you.

My part is all about helping you release your stress, so that your body can do the work it is perfectly designed to do. The reason we tend to get sick is often prolonged stress – even a lifestyle of stress – whereby the body gradually is too exhausted to do its ‘housekeeping’.

When we are in the stress or ‘fight or flight’ mode, our sympathetic nervous system is activated and leading the way, which means repair and rejuvenation are NOT on the list of things to get done! Indeed in the fight or flight aspect of your nervous system, you look for problems to solve (even if there are none – as it is a vigilant state of being that is trying to keep you safe and is perceiving that there is a threat to your life). You’ll be running on cortisol and are ready to run. You can’t relax, and your mind is active and your breathing tends to be shallow and more rapid. You’re missing out on the endorphins, the benefits of deep breathing, clarity and true health in exchange.

You make far more creative and innovative decisions when you are in the relaxed state and not the stressed fight-or-flight mode. The biochemistry released by your brain is literally advocating clear thinking, critical thinking and higher intelligence for decision making, when you are in the relaxed state of being. It also supports digestion and repair of the body! Imagine missing out of healthy digestion and physical repair regularly!

How much time do you think you might you safe by being more relaxed? You’ll make less mistakes, you’ll be more creative and think out-of-the box. You’ll be more present to life, rather than having it rush by you in a whirlwind.

All this is ok too. It is an opportunity to grow and learn, to make new choices which suit you better now. But try to keep it short term – which was its original design – so you can run from a predator, dangerous situation, or fight even! … but long term this creates an inner milieu which is prone to disease, excessive tiredness, tension and feeling a lack of energy as a consequence. It will even lower your self-confidence eventually.

You actually have so much energy available if you learn to relax and let go – even for a few minutes. Allowing yourself to drop the tight holding patterns in your body, and hence the cascade of stress hormones which are related to this, will give you so much more energy! Holding the body tight is like driving with the handbrake on.

You can free yourself up by learning to choose relaxation – even amidst challenging times!

First you become conscious of the ways in which you tighten up physically and mentally. The reasons for this which usually are unconscious – which is why conscious thinking doesn’t stop the pattern.

Did you know that the unconscious mind is what gets your goals and creates your actions/preferences/self-sabotage in your life? It also is where your gifts are, your natural wisdom, confidence and talents. And did you know that the unconscious was mostly programmed during your childhood? You decided as a child what is safe or preferable to give you the greatest chance of survival, love & belonging. And this programme still runs – unless it is consciously changed.

So how is it changed? One way is through conscious discipline. Daily repeated affirmations and new habits which don’t usually feel natural. Usually it takes a minimum of 21 days of repeating something before it starts to become a habit. Even then it can be reversed through other layers of old behaviours being elicited.

The permanent and most direct way to create change is through various techniques of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnosis. The unconscious mind is reached here and the origins for the pattern you want to change are seen and easily released.

Then you get to be free from that programme and decide what programme actually is welcome in your life.

The human beings who programmed you didn’t know better and they too were programmed and trying to get through life to the best of their abilities. So there is no blame, just recognition and taking charge of our own lives.

This is an empowering feeling and it really works!

If you are feeling this and are ready to break free from the stress of life through old patterns – and you are ready to create what you truly want – feel free to contact me. I am here for this and love my ‘work’. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing human beings remember their true greatness, freedom, joy and health!

So, are you ready?

This is a graceful, flowing experience – it is easy when you really are wanting it – and it is non-traumatic – it is a huge relief and truly incredibly powerful!

You receive a meditation after sessions and ways to enhance your changes and of course create you new reality!

Shine brightly, love yourself, so you can truly be of service to others.

Unconditional love,