This podcast is all about the benefits of getting your best sleep & how you can achieve it in your own unique way. Harnessing the gifts of quality, optimised sleep is the most important priority you could have, in my opinion. These are my opinions based on the latest research as part of my PhD studies into insomnia and sleep research, and knowledge from ancient traditions, and is not meant to replace medical advice. Always do your own research and update yourself with the latest and with what matches your lifestyle. This podcast is about giving you inspired options and increased awareness about your sleep health.

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Episode 1: The Benefits of Sleep

Episode 2: Too Much or not Enough Sleep – The Possible Effects

Episode 3: Chronotypes And Discovering Your Ideal Amount Of Sleep

Episode 4: Sleep Intelligence Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Episode 5: Reset Your Day

Episode 6: Neuroscience, Sleep & Selfishness by Dr Matthew Walker

Episode 7: Pillows, Mattresses & Sleep

Episode 8: The Power Of Silence & Darkness

Episode 9: Your Most Powerful Detox – Sleep

Episode 10: What To Do If You Wake Up During The Night?

Episode 11: Fake It Till You Make It For Better Sleep

Episode 12: 9 Common Myths About Sleep Debunked

Episode 13: Assessing Your Sleep for Enhanced Awareness &Thriving