All is ultimately vibration/energy/sound, and finding peace and releasing stress with sound is deeply effective and healing … no need to think, do or understand .. just lie there and receive.

Everything is made up of energy which vibrates at a certain frequency, and when the body is relaxed and experiences specific sounds designed to induce relaxation and nervous system balance, immense self alignment happens – vibrationally. It is vibrational imbalance that causes feelings and over time, and accumulation and manifestation of dis-ease or un-wellness.

Conversely, vibrational balance, inner harmony of energy flow, can create the immense instant wellbeing. Stress (dissonance) dissolves, leaving you feeling amazing and renewed! You can literally clear years of heavy energy which you absorbed & created in your life, in just a session. Or you can make it your self-care routine to clean tour energy field with sound every month. Group bookings welcome!

When we just want to relax and surrender into a soft alignment, we allow the body and mind to recalibrate naturally & according to its capacity and readiness.

All healing is ultimately self-healing and this is through the practise of deep, relaxed surrendering.

Getting away from the buzz of the city, the noise of constant movement and expectation is something human beings need. Ignoring this for too long, causes inner stress, manifesting as other dis-ease and lack of feeling vibrant and refreshed.

I guide you easily into deep relaxation, drawing on years of experience with meditation, hypnosis and also preparing the mind to allow deep relaxation.

Then I use powerfully healing instruments, attuned to deep vibrational alignment with your original blueprint of vibrant health and balance, such as: The crystal lyre for chakra balance (made in Canada with quartz crystal), the symphonic large gong (made in Germany & USA), Tibetan singing bowls of various frequencies, Quartz crystal bowls, Koshi chimes (made in France) aligning water, earth fire and air elements, specific (vegan) drums, and more!

It is pure heaven and clients walk away feeling younger, lighter and more ‘together’ & aligned.

Contact me for times of availability, pricing and details. I look forward to serving you in the highest way for your highest good!