10-week-chakras-and-beyond-series-for-thriving-on-all-levels. My last time teaching my signature women’s empowerment series in Adelaide before I move to Melbourne

Do you wish to feel more connected with your true essence?

Do you wish to move forward from old repeat patterns and thrive more?

Are you interested in deepening your spiritual practise?

Are you wishing to understand yourself more deeply by connecting to your inner wisdom, and understanding more about the ways in which your chakra centres of consciousness affect your mental health, hormonal balance and nervous system overall?

Then join us for an amazing ten-week programme of true connection with yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You will learn how the chakra centres of conscious are interlinked with your physicality, emotions, consciousness /perception, organs and endocrine system.

You will learn, in your own way, according to your own readiness, pace and way, how you can meet and love your emotions, thoughts and patterns and release what no longer serves you.

You will receive hand outs with information & journaling prompts and a video that accompanies the week’s teachings.

See the videos I have created below to help you get a feeling for what I teach and whether you resonate or not.

Your life literally is in your chakras, and to help you more, I have created an e-book (in 2016) which you can download with the link below!

To register for the series please email or reach me through text message (M 0424 029 032) directly as I am managing the attendance numbers carefully, and will give you all the details then too. Exchange: $18 concession $22 regular.

What to bring:

Your own mat, blanket, water, journal & pen.

Sunday location: Burnside 4-5pm

Thursday location: Hazelwood Park 6-7pm and 7:15-8:15pm

Booking in is essential.

Oceans of love,

Please enjoy this e-book I created in 2016 about the chakra centres of consciousness below, called “Your life is in your chakras”. My teaching style has evolved and changed somewhat since then, and I am honouring the original Rishi style of Kundalini Yoga, but the information about the chakras is still timeless and empowering. Enjoy! And trust what resonates for YOU!