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Women’s Wholistic Yoga

Specialised yoga for women, each class is wholistic: A complete practise & package in itself ~ caring for her body, mind and spirit all in one class! A combination of ancient, traditional kundalini yoga techniques, yin and hatha yoga. These are applicable for absolute beginners or experienced yoga practitioners.

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NLP TLT & Hypnosis

The way we think and see the world creates our unique reality. We literally have neurological patterns we can rewire if they no longer serve us. Old habits, hurts or self-limiting beliefs can be understood, healed and released with ease and grace. We can use our timeline awareness to remember everything as our unconscious mind, which holds the blueprint for perfect health remembers everything.

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Women’s Coaching

As a wholistic women's coach, I help women see their incredible brilliance and hold space for transformation and for her to blossom fully into her highest expression of her life in all arenas, be it in relationship with herself, her loved ones, career, health or spirituality.

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Everything is made up of energy which vibrates at a certain frequency, and when the body is relaxed and experiences specific sounds designed to induce relaxation and nervous system balance, immense self alignment happens - vibrationally. It is vibrational imbalance that causes feelings and over time, and accumulation and manifestation of dis-ease or un-wellness. Conversely, vibrational balance, inner harmony of energy flow, can create the immense instant wellbeing.

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Meditation Coaching

Meditation can be easy, joyful and uniquely tailored to your personality and lifestyle! We all know it is the key to health on all levels: emotionally, physically and mentally.
The meditative state creates deep inner awareness of your inherent knowing, wisdom, blueprint for health and reminds you to recognise the brilliance and capacity within you & to know you have all you need within you!

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Breathwork & Sleep Health

Breathing rhythms completely affect the way we experience life! This is because the way we breathe affects the brain secretions, which in turn affect our state of being. This is my speciality in the form of studies both the yogic traditions and at University in doing my PhD studies. Naturally this can be used to enhance our state of relaxation (all the way to sleep) or conversely our degree of alertness.

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Lauren Finelli
Lauren Finelli@lauren.finelli

My private sessions with Sabine were transformative. Sabine taught me how to use breathing techniques to calm my anxiety and taught me kriyas to manage my nerve pain. I also underwent NLP to help me release emotions that no longer serve me. Sabine has helped me with strategies to focus on the positive aspects of my life to ease my anxiety.

Kasia (ka-sha)
Kasia (ka-sha)@call_me_kasia

What a blessing it was to have crossed paths with you Sabine! You're one of the most genuine people I have met. Your energy is pure, your words are wise and your teachings are wholesome - love your sense of humour too! Thank you for allowing me into your space so I could truly feel what it's like (not just know) to have everything I need within myself by embodying it. Forever grateful and I love that we are still in touch and sharing our journeys. Much love and light to you and whoever you encounter.


I’ve been joining Sabine’s yoga and meditation sessions for almost a year now.
Due to the circumstances, she has adapted to the online world.
It’s impressive how she can still manifest the same energy and good vibes as the face-to-face classes.
She is a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional, always concerned about providing the best service to suit your needs.
She is available and interested to hear about your experiences and feedback to make the most of your journey.
I feel blessed to have come across her services and her soul. She is a beautiful and inspiring woman from inside out.
I'd heartily recommend any women to join one of the classes for an amazing and transforming experience.

Thanks Sabine for being light in the world!


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