April Classes – Including Special Easter Series

Warm Greetings to You!! 

It has been quite a while since I have last written a newsletter … I have been immersed in teaching the (ten week) chakra series  4 classes per week to a divine group of ladies.

Each time we collectively embrace our true selves deeper and shed old layers, clearing generational trauma, claiming ancestral gifts within, with so much readiness, depth and love …. hence experiencing deeper spaciousness and inspired action to align with our heart and soul. 

We are still exploring the chakras and over Easter I am offering catch-up and revision classes at my home studio, as I just love to teach ( and don’t wish for any breaks) and sit in yogic sacred space with you all so deeply! Do register with me directly as per class at my home studio there is space for 5 ladies only. For the Sunday in the city class there is space for 15 ladies.

The first Friday of the month we have enjoyed free community classes at Burnside. I am yet to share on social media about so much, as I am just enjoying & navigating so many other experiences, including just time to myself, meditating, gardening, getting ready for Melbs, creatively flowing with life. Ah yes and some Uni challenges, but they will resolve. 

I am still transitioning my gradual move to Melbourne, and the date is now more early May. Remember I’ll be back once a month to see you, family and all! Plus amazing retreats are being organised from my heart to yours as I type! 

Below is a timetable for you for our upcoming classes. 

I look forward to seeing you there! To me nothing is more wonderful, sacred and heavenly than to sit in sacred space with you all, so wholistic, healing and an aura of such authentic soulfulness. Thank YOU all for being there, in your grace, vulnerability, truth and totality. I see you, appreciate you and am always here to chat with! I know from feedback you loved the classes, supported with videos and hand outs and options of taking a class more than once. I am so happy, feel so blessed and so in joy to be of service to you, sharing what I am so passionate about. I see your light, your infinite brilliance and truly know you have all you need /want within you already! We are just releasing old bondage, layers and beliefs that are outdated and no longer serve you. Hereby we activate totally different sequences of our very DNA and our original health blueprint can shine through. What joy!!!!! 

We are all shifting deeply, collectively as a humanity,  and the support of & for each other and commitment to our self care is making it much easier than it otherwise would be. My heart is so full and I’m smiling feeling us all and how this is unfolding.

Remember to activate and focus on what makes your heart sing. Yes, we process the other stuff too, we definitely are doing it wholistically, meaning no spiritual bypassing, feeling it, rewiring consciously, breathing, stretching, sounding, imagining, projecting, allowing, letting go, embracing what serves and going beyond the programmed and limited thinking aspect … we are so vast, so gifted, so self-healing, so incredible!!!!!! All of us. 

I congratulate everyone for being who and where you are right now. There is no right or wrong, only love , and we are all doing the best we can with what we are aware of in this moment. 

What an amazing and fun adventure!! 

Keep shining your light … together we are what we have been waiting for, for ourselves and each other. 

Now I shall attach the timetable and general class theme below: meditations, yoga classes and community classes. 

Another newsletter will be around the corner, I have so much to share, but right now: here is the timetable and location of classes. 
Reach out and reply to this newsletter if you have questions. 

Oceans of love, 

P.S. Getting ready for crown chakra meditation on Zoom tonight!!! Yay!!!
P.P.S. Some YouTubes below you may enjoy. 

Timetable for April to early May 2022
Monday 4th April 8-9pm: Zoom Meditation on the Crown Chakra $11
Thursday 7th April: 6pm and 7:15pm Aura Cleans and expand class – home studio
Saturday 9th April: 6-7pm Aura Cleans and expand class – home studio
Sunday 10th April 4-5pm Putting it all (chakras plus aura) together sequence with hand out for home practise at City Yoga Studio
Monday 11th April 8-9pm: Zoom Meditation on the Auric Field $11
Thursday 14th April 6pm and 7:15pm Putting it all (chakras plus aura) together sequence with hand out for home practise – home studio
Friday 15th April (good Friday) 4-5pm Revision class chakras 1&2 – home studio
Saturday 16th April 4-5pm Revision class chakras 3&4 – home studio
Sunday 17th April 4-5pm Revision class chakras 5&6 – home studio
Monday 18th April 4-5pm Revision class chakras 7-8 – home studio
Monday 18th April 8-9pm Zoom Meditation on the heart chakra (requested)
Thursday 21st April 6pm and 7:15pm special breath-work class for sleep, energising and wellbeing
Saturday 23rd April 6-7pm special breath-work class for sleep, energising and wellbeing
Remaining chakra series 2 classes out of the 10-part series (7 chakras and 1 auric field) and two light bodies beyond:
Sunday 24th April 4-5pm Emotional Body – and Vagal tone to thrive with healthy nervous system regulation– city studio
Monday 25th April 8-9pm Zoom Mediation on Inner Grounding to be Stable
Thursday 28th April 6pm and 7:15pm Emotional body – and Vagal tone – nervous system balancing – home studio
Saturday 30th April 6pm Emotional body – and Vagal tone – home studio
Sunday 1st May Mental Body – Your powerful Mental Energy Field and how to understand reading it and navigating it – city studio
Monday 2nd May 8-9pm Zoom Meditation on your voice, sound, manifestation (throat chakra)
Thursday 5th May 6pm and 7:15pm Mental Body – your powerful Mental Energy Field and how to understand reading it and navigating it – home studio
Friday 6th May: Free community meditation at the Burnside Townhall. Bookings are via Eventbrite (search Sabine Christelli, Eventbrite, you’ll find me)
Saturday 7th May 6pm Mental Body – your powerful Mental Energy Field and how to understand reading it and navigating it- home studio

To book please contact me directly by email or phone [email protected] M: 0424 029032