Self love, fertility, divine feminine, breaking up to break through.

As a wholistic women’s coach, I help women see their incredible brilliance and hold space for transformation and for her to blossom fully into her highest expression of her life in all arenas, be it in relationship with herself, her loved ones, career, health or spirituality.

Do you need help with conception, enjoying your pregnancy and motherhood?

Do you want to enjoy deepest self love at last!?

Are you in the process of leaving a relationship and struggling to move on? Feeling hurt, confused and tired?

I have helped countless women with this, with ease & grace.

Once you remember who you are, you will wonder what took you so long to meet your true self, you will feel so happy you did this at last, and your life will reach dynamics of depth, joy and fulfilment beyond measure and compare!

I draw on over 20 years of experience (and practising all this myself) of teaching meditation, intuitive organic nutrition, kundalini yoga meditations and practise, DNA healing, Mindset Coaching – helping her see and understand her programming, unconscious blocks, capacity to choose differently, how she can hypnotise herself into what she wishes to believe (what truly serves her). I draw on countless super effective skills from my training as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, a Mother to 3 amazing kids for overall 24 years, PhD studies in “Sleep and breathing” plus my varying trainings in quantum awareness, Biochemistry & Immunology (Bachelor of Science with Honours), Russian DNA healing, Natural Therapy Practitioner, Reiki 1&2, Feng Shui, an international retreat holder and Key Note Speaker.

It is pure joy to serve you! All you need is within you. And when you are ready, and if you resonate with me, reach out, I’ll be so happy to hear from you and serve you in the highest way for your highest good. Contact me for a cosy discovery call, where you share with me what it unfolding and what you are struggling with at this moment, and I will hear you and let you know how I can help. Then you choose. I love that we can choose and travel our perfect and unique path. There is no right or wrong. It is your perfect unfolding, your unique soul’s journey, and I honour that completely.

It is beyond JOY to see a woman shine her brightest most bedazzling light! I intuitively draw on these modalities to support her breakthrough with ease, grace and flow! I know she has all she needs already within her! We are simply removing the layers that covered this up!