Why I recommend essential oils

As a yogi/ yoga teacher specialising in women’s health and wellbeing; as a mother of three, and a business woman running my own company, as a research scientist with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (immunology and boichemistry) and currently doing a PhD in sleep and breathing, all aspects of my consciousness understand, feel and experience the countless gifts of the essential oils in my personal life!

I simply love to encourage all who are interested in living with less stress, more clarity and health and  to all who really want to decrease not only their own toxic load, but also who wish to decrease the footprint upon the planet they create by ignoring a healthier way, (by now living in a more conscious and eco friendly way)- to explore essential oils as part of their elevated way of living. 

Plus you are supporting a leading edge company that truly gives back to the planet and its people. Win- win -win for all concerned. 

A a conscious yogi and a discerning scientist, I feel beautifully aligned here at this moment, and trust it will continue that way. I will keep reassessing this often. 

So come and explore this with me, if you resonate! 

Simply contact me and let me know how I can help you. Above is a link with ways to order, and ways to educate yourself and ways to reach me! 

Essential oils in general can help with (depending on the oil):

  • improving sleep 
  • de-stressing 
  • anti-ageing
  • digestion
  • headache release
  • sore muscles 
  • meditation practise
  • breathing more deeply
  • immunity support
  • removing bacteria
  • healthy skin repair 
  • skin maintenance 
  • moods
  • hormonal balance
  • feeling amazing
  • being uplifted
  • refreshing and revitalising

Why dōTERRA ? 

  1. The co-impact sourcing model- giving back!
  2. Purity and efficacy – no fillers or added chemicals
  3. Extraction Methods for keeping highest quality
  4. Integrity of the people involved – the business model is inspiring
  5. There’s an oil for most things- incredible versatility for self care and clean living!
  6. Transparency – 100% pure source to you – batch numbers fully        traceable 
  7. CLEAR Education is provided on uses and safety 
  8. Research is constant – about oils and health benefits