Women’s Detox and Refresh Retreat September 18th 2022 Adelaide

You already know how transformative retreats are, and how we all benefit hugely when we take time out to reflect, release and fill our own cup!

The retreats I hold are the way I always would have loved them: wholistic, sacred and joyful.

I believe we grow through joyfulness, exploration of inner wisdom through breath-work, yoga and meditation. I believe and witness that we thrive when we feel safe to share and are heard with heart centred ears. I see each woman does know what is right and true for her, each woman is creative, inspirational and divine – but often women have been taught to ignore this deepest knowing and truth.

I am here to hold space, facilitate and witness women’s divine unfolding into truth, joy, love and infinite inspired creativity. I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t have all these qualities within her.

So what does it take to thrive, blossom and be our very best? Always the same thing: quality “me” time.

This is what I love creating and sharing with women who are ready to honour themselves on the deepest level. And yes, this is a journey. It is unique and perfect for each of us. More about this in another blog and on my YouTube channel.

So what can you expect on this September 18th retreat for women?

Women’s Circle (you have the option to share)

Tea Ceremony (Blue Lotus)

Chakra dance

Kundalini Yoga


Deep Relaxation

Sound Healing: Crystal Lyre (432 Hz healing frequency), Symphonic Gong, Tibetan bowls, Drums, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Kochi Bells of the 4 elements, chakra tuning forks and much more!

Super healthy choices of nourishing and cleansing foods:

Juices, Smoothies and Soup (all vegetarian and organic whenever possible)

Journalling Process to access Your Truth

Cord Cutting Ceremony

Full chakra exploration to harmonise & empower you to live in deeper alignment with your wisdom and inherent heart knowing.

A journey through time (timeline therapy)

Meeting amazing kindred spirit women

Bookings can be directly by contacting me, as I love to get to know a bit about you before you register and sign up for this powerful retreat. It is $188 early bird until 30th of August & $222 thereafter.

Please bring:

Your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow, journal and anything that makes you feel cosy!

Please email me with your interest and we can enjoy a phone chat to connect about your wishes and experiences so far.

[email protected]

M 0424 029 032

To find out more about my background and experience please check my biography and perhaps my YouTube channel, or feel free to ask me questions.

Unconditional love