Why you can be happy

For some people this is natural. Happiness bubbles up naturally. Somehow they know something others are still trying to learn. They can be in the moment, immersed in what is happening fully. They can find the silver lining in a tough situation, they can see that life is unpredictable and a constant learning opportunity and they ride the waves like a pro. They somehow are filled with gratitude for just being alive. They know their mindset creates their reality. Do you know someone with some of those traits?

This ability to remain grounded, happy and balanced for most of their lives, doesn’t mean they don’t have downs too. Everyone is going through tests and challenges. The difference is how we deal with these. Whether we react or respond. And this is learnt also, and can be changed.

Perhaps they learnt the coping and managing skills innately by observation of others, or through immense personal challenges and perhaps help from counselling and various forms of healing modalities or psychologists. Who knows? Every path is so very unique and full of twists and turns, shades and opportunities. Everything path & journey is relevant, and there are ZERO judgements from me about any path! There is such depth and beauty in each of our lives.

My path was that I seem to have been born with a natural sense of awe and gratitude for life itself, and a strong observer state which enabled me to question and reflect about the origins of patterns people have, plus l tended to look at the bigger picture. Later in life I loved yoga from the first day I came across it! Especially the meditation and deep relaxation aspect. It was a true coming home again into my relaxed self!

Sometimes we seem to need a ‘permission slip’ to let go and relax and return home within. This is what happened to me at my first yoga class.

I also love nature and immerse into it daily … I love sacred music and silence – both which elevate my soul. I find humans fascinating and amazing, and I love animals and plants so much, I bliss out daily with them. I am aware daily how temporary life really is and to choose consciously as much as possible – to be present and to know my priorities of the heart – that epiphany came to me on my 11th birthday in Germany when I was reflecting about my life and journalling about it, while feeling ‘really old!’ would you believe! Makes me laugh now and wonder …..

So what makes people do what they do? Why do some respond so completely differently than others? Why is someone’s tragedy another’s awakening and elevation? How do people cope uniquely with challenge or with trauma?

The study of psychology can shed a lot of light here and yet keep pointing to the fact that we don’t know much, and that we are all immensely complex. Yogic literature has seen this long ago and studying the ways of the mind and soul has been a highly joyful and fascinating journey for me.

When I studied NLP and hypnosis and became a Master Practitioner, I truly felt I was exploring the key to all of our questions.

Everything is energy. Everything is perception. Everything we think is a programme we hold on to. And this can change!!! How brilliant is this? We are easily hypnotised and hypnotise ourselves regularly! We ARE our own placebo effect! We have an amazing brain which can change – this is called neuroplasticity – and our thoughts and behaviours affect which aspects of our DNA is switched on or off! How BRILLIANT IS THIS? This really points to the idea that we are powerful and create our own reality!

On my long journey, I deeply loved learning the many ways in which to help humans explore their human potential and to set themselves free! This is the most exciting thing for me, as I see everyone is infinitely abundant and complete and able to have anything they truly want.

You might raise an eyebrow and say: hey Sabine, no way! If that was so why is humanity so confused and generally unfulfilled then?

I would say to you this: Because it is all in your unconscious mind! And to recognise its contents look at your life! And to change your life, the invitation is to change your unconscious programmes. To do this, meditation is vital, deep slow breathing patterns, creating neurological and biochemical changes, and a capacity to trust and engage the intuitive quiet inner voice really helps. Often people have ignored these for so long, they are out of touch with these inner messages of truth and ignore them if they pop up – as these messages are often overridden with the loud programmed incessant mental ‘noise’ ‘chatter’ ‘worries’ ‘ambitions’ etc.

It is deeply exciting for me to assure and remind you that there is an unimaginable treasure within you, beyond your regular intellectual, (small) self-identified or worrisome mind talk.

A deep well of knowing, a wonderful true connection to your heart and soul lies within you. Something so enlivening it is waiting just to be embraced – and when you do embrace it, you’ll smile your biggest smile, feel elated & expanded in your soul-heart, alive like never before!

I see this in all my clients every week many times! I see it in myself as I shift into my freedom in higher frequency certain days when it is accelerated. I know when I am just idling or dipping into heavier ways of thinking/being and perceiving. All is ok and we learn from each contrast and these changing waves of being.

Understanding why we feel the way we do, why we do what we do is so incredibly awesome (in my mind and heart)! It is like finally meeting oneself and truly living. I invite you to trust this inner calling if you’re feeling it. Being in alignment with yourself will bring you many gifts in all arenas of life! Naturally.

So many divine humans feel unworthy, not good enough, guilty to want more, helpless or overwhelmed by life. You can be freed up from these draining & limiting beliefs!

Isn’t it amazing that most people don’t know why they do what they do? Why they are triggered, why they are unhappy or happy? Even why they are happy or what makes them feel happy truly.

Of course we have stories and guesses as to why .. but often these are not really the truth. Maybe a small aspect, depending on how deeply we went in our questioning and search for truth.

I know what the bottom-line -truth for everyone is that I have ever met so far. And I have met many many human beings on my life-journey. Hundreds of human beings have opened up and shared deeply with me. It always boils down to one thing when we dive all the way:

To be loved!

And this starts with self love!

This is not an intellectual thinking … it is a deep knowing that arises for everyone eventually, and then at last the process moves you into embracing true self love!

I am here to support you in a safe and nurturing environment to explore who you really are, to release old baggage and ancestral patterns and to birth yourself into full aliveness and passionate yet peaceful living!

It really is relatively easy and priceless gift to yourself! I am not joking. Ask me about this through a phone chat! Obligation free! I only work with women who are truly ready and where we have that connection of trust.

Yes it is a process and there are layers we will unveil! It all depends on how much previous work you have done on yourself, and how much childhood trauma you’ve experienced. Some people take quantum leaps straight away but then slow down as they integrate and continue to work on the new challenges that come up as the layers are peeled back.

It really gets easier each time, and some women have told me it even seems too easy! …and you’ll feel the freedom and ease of releasing problems and fears so much faster each time.

Learning why we are the way we are is incredible. You are innocent and life happened and imprinted upon you, and on a soul level you designed it that way. If we deny this we go into blame and cannot shift. When we recognise and allow ourselves to accept that we chose all this because we knew we would learn from it and we knew we were strong enough to deal with it, we feel empowered, excited and ready. How brilliant is that?

I love it and give thanks daily for all the gifts and joys in my life and all the challenges that offer me new perspectives, expansion, peace, new experiences and oneness. I give thanks to all the incredible women I have been honoured to work with ! I thank each one of you and treasure your sacred soul and honour the human being that you are!

Shine brightly and see you in divine timing! Thank you for visiting this site and reading this. Let me know your thoughts and feelings, if you feel inclined to!