Warm Inner Glow Yoga – Going Within to Thrive in July! Plus: Retreat Reflections

July Self Elevation & Thriving Yoga & Meditation

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Commitment to July self nurturing & grounding & natural elevation through self-love!

Every Sunday 11am in July
Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Deep Relaxation
Are you up for the challenge? Winter self care and going within in your own cosy space.

It will be via Zoom link, from Melbourne & I promise you, you will thrive even more by choosing to attend all the sessions.

I’ll describe below how you can turn this into your greatest self-care  & thriving time yet! 

I myself have committed to this as my self union, self love yoga time with you.
Life is hugely uncertain and collective shifts are predicted to be huge in July according to cosmology. To stay stable and walk with grace, it is important to focus on cultivating our capacity to fill out tank, breathe to stay calm, be the observer and take actions which are aligned with our heart & soul, not old ego structure of rushing, competing, struggling etc. These will not work and only cause suffering in many ways, physically, mentally & spiritually. 

My intention is that this 1 hour every Sunday gives us:


Deeper relaxation.


Deeper clarity. 

Deeper connection with our true selves time to show others we take our self care seriously & we take responsibility for it (leading by example, and if they (around you) do the same by seeing you, your entire space and relationship naturally improves).


Time to set up a wonderful nurturing ritual for yourself (honouring) before class and to continue on your own in that space after class if you wish  – with journalling or plans for the following week.


Setting up sacred space with candle, incense, essential oil, flowers, crystals, plants etc letting go of the week that was with gratitude and reflection looking forward and intentioning the upcoming week/days so you are aligned and free.


Releasing stress that is held in the body from a busy week – in a loving, inwardly tuned conscious way – which will be deep and healing.


An opportunity to release auto-pilot self-sabotaging habits by being conscious of what you actually would like in life. 

Journaling time. 


Grounding time. 


Elevation time into higher thinking.

Heart expansion time practising deep relaxation getting better at meditation.


Breath-work healing time to process and move on.


How to register & book into Sundays at 11 am-12noon?

You can register by emailing me (click reply to this email) or text me with your intent. You can make payment by transferring directly to my account – please mention your name and email so I can send you the Zoom link. 

Exchange for the online yoga & meditation class: 

My banking details haven’t changed in the last 12 years.
But if you need it:
Kundalini Studio 
BSB: 105 086
Account: 053 430 240 

This link will also take you (in July) to a payment system for registration and further information.

I receive all payments with heartfelt gratitude and appreciate your support in allowing me to keep doing for a living what I truly love!

Love, Sabine ✨ ? ✨

Here are some pictures from our recent one day women’s self-are & self-love retreat.

Thank you all divine souls, sacred heavenly women, guides, angels, ancestors, mother earth, water, sky, fire, ether, air, life-force, prana, consciousness, and all that is  and all who contributed to this magnificent unfolding.

We set intention, we had an opening ceremony with cacao opening our hearts, we meditated, decided what we were releasing, set intentions, loved ourselves more, opened our hearts, bathed in gratitude, journaled into our retreat booklets, had ayurvedic lunch with recipes provided, did a specific kundalini kriya which is in the booklet as a home practise, we anointed with pure blue lotus essential oil, plus plant essence in our water, we sang, sacredly tapped/massaged our bodies to become soft and relaxed & connected, we danced, chanted, harmonised chakras, did self-love art, enjoyed sound bathing and deep relaxation into stillness and visualisation (wit hypnotic suggestions for your highest good, working on your unconscious).. everyone received a gift bag worth over $60 in value!

I hope you’ll all explore the generous $30 gift voucher from my favourite healing clinic where I love to experience an infra red sauna treat, and hope you will too! And enjoy the wonderful gifts and notice the business cards from our participant’s own businesses.

Let’s support each other’s small business & local business overall. We are one amazing community.
I love this! 

Thank you all who could be there, from my heart & soul! It was a true gift, joy, honour and I have thoroughly enjoyed your sharing afterwards and had nothing but amazing feedback!

What about our next one, I hear you ask? 

Our next date is September 18th 2022 10-4pm.
Same venue in Magill, SA.

This time I will offer a simple “fresh juicing and soup detoxing lunch” and you are welcome to bring your own food – to share if you wish, if you are preferring not to detox that day. 

Stay true to your heart and soul joy!
Your state of being is what creates all that you are longing for and dreaming of.
You have all you need within you. Stay aligned and it will flow, with ease & grace serving your highest good from purest light. 

Gratitude, Sabine 

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