Rewiring the mind, self hypnotising & programming our belief system, un-hypnotising the trance that no longer serves.

The way we think and see the world creates our unique reality. We literally have neurological patterns we can rewire if they no longer serve us. Old habits, hurts or self-limiting beliefs can be understood, healed and released with ease and grace. We can use our timeline awareness to remember everything as our unconscious mind, which holds the blueprint for perfect health remembers everything.

A relaxed and focussed state easily take you there.

In my sessions you are guided to relax in a meditative way, and you are fully conscious throughout, finding easily your own answers through this process. My work is always flowing with ease and relaxed grace to reveal incredible insights which transform lives permanently and wholisitically for the highest good of my client and her entire life.

It is easy and like having a spa of the mind. No re-traumatising, but learning the gifts and moving on.

Ease of integration through forgiveness, intention and goal setting, and working with the shadow self and values system to align for the most exquisite and soul aligned living experience.

Recorded & personalised breath & visualisation meditations and affirmations are part of the package after each session (often journalling and some appropriate joyful & rewarding lifestyle change is involved for profound self love manifestation).

You will feel supported, empowered, infinite and loving your life even more! You will create your version of your life, with intelligence, structure, flow and satisfaction!

I would LOVE to help you shine your divine light even more! You truly have ALL you need within you! All we do is highlight where your self-talk, self-belief and self-sabotage/self-limitations arise from, for they were borrowed in your past .. and now that they no longer serve you, we learn the learnings, see them clearly (why these were created in the first place – without going back into any trauma), integrate them easily and move forward feeling wise, clear and relaxed!

Allow me to help you if you resonate with me!

I shall hold you in the highest light, never ANY judgement about anything, for I know you did the best you could with what you had available for you at the time/s, and that you are innocence! I will help you see and re-discover your divine, clear, peaceful nature .. full of intelligence, presence, knowing, joy and passion .. you easily release the layers you have built up around you in order to survive, cope, to receive love … and you will deeply embrace your divine feminine self, your powerful intuition and immense ability to lead the life you really want & LOVE.

Message me to see if you would love to co-create with me! I always enjoy the free discovery calls I offer, and would love to connect with you! So yes! Get a cup of tea and let’s talk.