Women’s Retreats are so fabulous!

The group energy is beyond description … the weeks before I start to meditate on it and create the retreat in my mind’s eye, intuitively, feels so truly heart expanding and warmly blissful!

To trust that creative creation, to hold space for women to get together for safe, deep and super transformative experiences is beyond sacred! The effect our retreats have upon each woman’s life, and hence the flow on effect into their surroundings is unfathomable. Many women share with me that it is so deep and so layered and within that unique dance it is so freeing, empowering and light-filled.

Yes, when women get together, to share, to open up, to heal, to inspire, to laugh, to reflect, to create, relax, and so much more, miracles happen … so easily.

This is why most women recognise such retreats and events as pivotal and important. For her. For all who attend. To feel heard, to share, to feel acknowledged and totally supported is so uplifting and strengthening, there is nothing like it!

Once a month, at this stage, we get together to reflect and then project our conscious vision forward, embracing infinite potential openly, honouring our unique lives. Life is playful, testing, reflective and simply divine. A continual pretty much instant feedback loop reflects our inner dimension, and guides us lovingly into the ways in which we can release more of our gifts and creative bliss.

We move the body intuitively. We visualise and connect. We breathe consciously.

Chakra centres of consciousness harmonise through intention, attention and allowing.

Surrender aligns us with the vast intelligence of the Divine. Choices and Visions allow us to co-create in alignment with our deepest heart and soul – and most of all with our wholistic knowing and alignment.

We enjoy relaxation, sound baths, essential oils, chanting, stretches, kundalini yoga (original ancient practises), journalling and refining our intentions .. seeing through limitations .. we cut cords and become empowered through sharing and silence.

I draw on some neurolinguistic programming (NLP) (Master Practitioner), hypnosis and more – sharing tips to enjoy for anyone at anytime!! We talk about our gratitude, self-heal and we also work with our shadow aspect as it arises, with ease, grace and flow, serving only love and light.

It is so safe. So light filled, so sacred. I am in bliss reflecting and remembering our recent 3 booked out retreats.

I am taking bookings for October, November and December now. If you resonate, join us; you’ll love it and feel so grounded, expanded, supported in countless ways. All I offer is deeply wholistic – which is why it is so transformative for you when you apply it … which is easy and no effort at all, for I believe we can learn and flow with grace and ease, and much joy!!!! Truth and alignment feel so good!!!!

New friendships are formed and the connections are of highest vibrations….

Imagine the laughter, the tears, the freedom of release …

Love, Sabine