July-August Newsletter bliss – Info on events, classes and private sessions: inspirations and awakenings. Support and joy.

Hello divine ladies!!

A warm welcome to my short but hopefully sweet newsletter … I am smiling thinking of you and my intent is always to uplift you and remind you of your divine self and that you have all you need within you .. your blueprint for ultimate health on all levels is in your subconscious.. how great is that? This os what we do in yoga classes, retreats and 1:1 sessions – remembering who we are! Enhancing our intuition, self love, self-care, hormonal balance, endocrine health and chakra centres .. and through this vibrational elevation and alignment (by releasing trauma, doubt and negative self talk/energies) everyone seems more busy than ever, so I’ll share very briefly and instead guide you to my YouTubes and blog, instagram and facebook pages if you wish to read about tips, life and yoga .. plus science, quantum and of course the usual breath-work, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, self hypnosis and divine empowerment through regression hypnosis. 

Our online classes are happening Thursdays 7-8pm and Sundays 4-5 pm (except when I am holding the monthly mini-retreat for women). 
We balance chakras, stretch, practise various meditations, intention set (that is a potent gift), and I share what I am guided to which changes each time: like how to connect to your guides, how to relax amidst stress, how to self care with fun according to your style, how to unwire negative thinking. 

My private classes with women are deeply wonderful: seeing women shift and empower themselves by releasing long standing beliefs from childhood, is simply sublime! 

My intent is to cocreate with ease, grace and flow and to attract women who are truly ready. And I do, each week meet such amazing women. 

The huge bonus, besides that they are free to create their dream life, is that their family and loved ones benefit and the entire world does. For each woman who embraces her divinity, she hence allows another to also do so, and this butterfly effect is truly what is needed and happening massively right now. 

It it pure love and homecoming. This wake up is urgent these days. 

Contact me for a phone chat to see if we are a match! That phone chat is a free service I love to offer. 

Our next mini retreat is almost booked up, just like our recent one, which was sold out super quickly. 
This one is Sunday August 2nd 

Only $80 Early Bird

Chakra Balance 
Original chai tea (no stimulants)
Sound healing (Gong and Crystal Lyre 432Hz)
Intention setting
Contract cutting and choosing new directions 
Forgiveness healing 
Increased self love practises through chanting, mantra, intention and attention focus training and direct experience 

you are warmly help, in a sacred space with likeminded women. 

Imagine … and all with wonderful heaters, in a chapel, with candles and essential oils. 

Please bring your own mat, blanket, pillow, water, journal. 

How to book?
Contact me. Or send me a screen shot of your payment to register. 
Details below. 

Benefits of your home practise

These days are intense, I am sure we all agree. The priority is to stay calm, clear and connected with our truth al all times, while being adaptive, open minded, innovative and clearing old energies/patters … choosing LOVE over FEAR .. 

Your home practise can make such a huge difference here. Daily meditation is key to sanity and inner strength and alignment .. to deepest heart expansion. 

Joining our online classes are a deep self care routine which can help you to create a space or sanctuary in your own space, to practise meditation and deepen your capacity to deeply relax, heal and unite with your inner cosmos. Setting up such a space and a regular practise and commitment really supports you more than words ca say. 
We practise how to ground, to your inner earth, plus mother earth. How to expand to our highest selves, and how to expand our magnificent hearts. 

We do so much more, like chakra balancing, enhancing our intuition and processing with ease and grace and flow, old patterns which no longer serve us. 

All  in honour of our current capacity physically, mentally and spiritually … it is about honouring where we are right now, uniquely. Deeply. Truly. 

Each of you is so magnificent and beautiful as you are …!!!!! The divine experiencing itself as this amazing unique YOU! I see you! 

A regular home practise – your space – your time … will make you feel even more amazing! You’ll rely on your own divinity and realise your power and beauty more deeply. Bliss!!! 

The profound gift of women’s circles

When women come together, to meditate, share and celebrate .. to hear each other, be vulnerable, be refreshed and releasing her stress consciously, miracles happen! 

Everything is easier and more potent  in a collective of  like minded/vibrationally aligned group. We women create a very special energy together and remind each other we are not alone. And we are even more magnificent as we enjoy a group – to learn from each other, inspire each other and simply ‘being’ together is truly beyond words. So sacred and feminine, with the masculine integrating also, naturally. 

If you love this vibration and idea .. join us for our mini retreats, only once a month, the first Sunday of the month fro 2-5:30pm. 

What a privilege and wonderful gift to experience and behold for me   ~ and that is the feedback I received  from so many women after our last retreat… the room was buzzing with unconditional love! We didn’t want it to end. Thank you deeply to all who attended. I shall always remember it!!! 

It is just 20 women I will invite so keep in mind if you wish to join us to let me know of your intention. 

You are supported

You are supported, seen and inspired wholistically .. I always include all aspects in all that I offer:  spirit, mind and body. They are one, work together and that integration leads to the quickest, most integrated, healthiest and lasting positive experiences and outcomes. 

I work via Zoom, facebook, and directly 1:1. Enjoy my videos and posts in our facebook group (button below), Instagram and YouTube. 

Meet our ‘tribe’

We have a wonderful little women’s group on facebook. A safe place to share, ask questions and deep dive. If you connect above, I can invite you to this private group. Feel free to request this too.