Terms and conditions with payments

Being a small local business I thought it would be useful to write a little blog on refunds, payments and swaps. Not everyone can place themselves into another’s shoes and communication is, I feel, super important and beneficial – for all parties concerned- and if in doubt, please ask me! I am an open person, and don’t wish to have (small-print) strange sub-clauses and hidden small print you somehow sign or agree to, waiving all your rights away. I want to honour you in every way!

As a human at the other end of it all, and truly loving what I do, and loving to see and serve you, I simply request that you let me know at least 1 week in advance if you think you cannot attend a retreat and 2 days in advance if you cannot attend an appointment, I am more than happy to give you a full refund or if you prefer use the booking for next time. For appointments I’m happy to waive a non-attendance fee. Also, if something like an emergency or illness is stopping you from attending all I ask is that you please inform me as soon as possible and communicate your situation with me if that is possible. I will be very understanding to your genuine situation. I totally respect you and we both thrive with mutual respect. Your and my time, your expertise & mine are precious and to be cherished. “Treat others how you wish to be treated”, as the old adage goes. I love real human contact. My small business is not comparable to the likes of Amazon, the Fringe or some other commercial set up, for example. Let’s communicate, my heart is open and I am always wishing the best for all parties concerned.

What doesn’t resonate with me is non attendance without letting me know at least somewhat in advance – unless it was truly impossible to reach me – I do understand that of course! Telling me a week later that you forgot or slept through it and wanting a refund or credit, is a bit unfair on me and this is a rare happening, thankfully.

Also payments: I offer discounts for students or unemployed people. I also offer reduced and free classes/retreats/sessions often and big discounts for people in financial hardship, and I appreciate swaps. Ask me and reach out – you’ll find that I am more than happy to collaborate with joy & fairness with you! I believe that is the essence of true and aligned living, including business.

Thank you for hearing me. Cheers Sabine