What does it mean to live like a yogi in today’s world? And is it a useful way of life?

The answer is complex and really depends on you. And if you honour your truth, your vibration, you will see your path within your inner yogini. Your unique path.

So what is yoga really, in my perspective: It is about coming home into yourself. Feeling that you love all that you are: what you so called prefer and what you so called would describe as not so favourable. It is meeting all that you are, that you think, dream wish to be. It is meeting your needs, emotions and unique soul and heart within.

There are so many aspects to what you may call ‘you’. And yet there is far more! Yoga includes all of that. It is way beyond the physical posture, or asana. This I have taught and felt in myself from the very beginning of my own yoga journey.

The joy of self discovery is intimately joined with the disintegration (which feels like a mini death) of illusive and limiting concepts of who you think you are.

Ideas that seemed very real, may fade into unimportance … reflections and contemplations may lead you to embrace new paradigms as you meet your true essence.

Meeting your true essence leads to a deeply fulfilling life on all levels, spiritually, mentally and physically. The more we drop or peel away layers that were borrowed and just a temporary ‘coat’ so-to-speak, the more alive and aligned we feel! And the more we live in our uniquely aligned way, yogically, which is in true union with ourselves, the more we expand and live a life of infinite possibility and literally manifest our highest dreams.

This naturally creates a butterfly effect, or domino effect if you prefer, and positively (ultimately) impacts our loved ones and collective conscious. This in turn leads to joyful co0creative living between us all with Mother Earth. This natural flow of connectedness to the very pulse of life feels great and is nurturing and wholistic.

Yogic science is very deep and we can spend lifetimes exploring the ancient texts, and yet only understand them to our current capacity. This is how often great wisdom was misinterpreted and created more misery rather than liberation.

If you resonate with the yogic life, then you would choose the aspects that work for you authentically and move deeper into them, building up on your lifestyle choices according to your perfect divine timing, through meditative awareness.

The greatest purpose of yoga really is that you find the divine within.. through meditation .. and to use this inner guidance system, or your inner guru to direct your life. This then becomes intuitive eating, realising healthy sleep, healthy navigating through the many relationships we experience, most of all the one with yourself. It is everything .. it directs your vision, your mind, your state of being .. and these in turn determine your reality and capacity to experience highest consciousness. This naturally and uniquely is reflected in your physical health, for all is connected.

So union with self, through yoga, is true self listening, self love, self care .. this includes hearing yourself .. asking for help, being gentle with yourself, allowing yourself to be ‘flawed’ with is perfection .. it is about the embrace of all that you are, according to your readiness for it in each moment.

And hence you can’t get it wrong! Isn’t that sublime and wonderful!

It means you are with the right ‘teacher’ at the right tine, according to your journey into greater self discovery, self love and the rich dance of life’s polarity and perception thereof.