Self love, self care and true aligned living

So many women have expressed that they are not sure how to truly connect with themselves, their inner child, their soul and that they feel called to reconnect or connect deeper with their truth, heart and soul. To truly live in this full alignment.

Society is structured to keep us very busy, to pay the bills or be a care taker for our own for family and friends. Society is also structured to keep us hypnotised on computers, social media and these days the days go by so fast, we barely have time to experience the deep soothing well of calm inner peace, a wisdom-filled knowing which is within us all.

This is not about putting the blame on the external world. It is what it is and we are here to navigate through it and learn from it what actually works and serves us positively, and importantly to recognise that which no longer serves us.

My personal philosophy is always:

What can I learn from this?

How can I celebrate the incredible gift of life even more?

Why would I choose (unconsciously) to attract this situation into my life?

I know it is all for me. If we look at it this way, we are empowered and learn very quickly. If we blame, we feel like a victim… hopeless and disempowered.

I love being true to my core, heart and soul. I love my inner child – she is playful, wise, innocent and also so clear. If I ignore her, I feel not so vibrant, not so alive.

Everyone can reconnect, for the connection is never lost. It is an illusion to feel this is impossible or hard to find inner love, inner alignment. It is a block we create within ourselves through a traumatic experience – and we did that to protect ourselves, so we don’t feel or repeat that painful experience again. It is a form of self love.

The only thing is, if we keep rushing through life, without healing this(by looking at it), we do tend to keep feeling disconnected, unworthy and unclear about the purpose of our lives. Additionally we feel inhibited to take new steps into new empowering directions!

The awesomeness is that you can easily release the old trauma and pain and this is my expertise with my years of yogic lifestyle, NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapy training. I have been fascinated by human potential since literally my teenage years, pondering what makes people rise in passionate expression of love from hardship vs drown in despair and helplessness. Both have their place and are valid. In the end though, I am sure you want to break out of patterns of lack of self love or lack of self connection.

As you learn to truly align with your true self, everything in your life changes for the better. This does mean that what no longer serves you will drop away. It does mean that certain relationships will no longer resonate. As you shift into true honouring yourself, the outside world will match this and attract towards you incredible opportunities and vibrationally matching experiences. New friendships, new family dynamics, new creative endeavours, new ways to earn a living.

Your health will uplevel – for much of our illness / dis-ease is psycho somatic. Much of our lack of wellbeing is also vibrational – what you feel, what you day yes or no to, te company you keep, your food/drink choices.

The way to being true to you is only one way – take time for YOU! Get to know yourself deeply. Just the way you would a new divine partner. I teach many techniques in how to do this – for many have forgotten how to meet the self, and what patterns are blocking her from truly meeting herself.

We validate these divine ‘distractions’ in countless ways, don’t we? We say things like: Oh it is just another year, I’ll be focussing on myself next month/year …. but more times than not, that gets delayed over and over. Why and with what? You probably could list a few things to me right now, yes?

When the kids grow up, when I finished my studies, when I am married/divorced, when I have more money, when its spring time, when I have lost weight, when my parents are better …..

The truth is that often we delay because:

We feel unworthy of truly shining our light! We don’t even know what it feels like and if your family/friends will still love us the same way.

This is natural: Change always feels like a mixture of anxiety and excitement! Did you know that? And did you know that your unconscious mind, unless it is in alignment, will try to keep you the same, as it considers that ‘safe’?

Did you know that your unconscious mind is what gets your goals?

Can you see then that if you don’t have goals/intentions it is just a random flow of ‘whatever’?

The first thing I teach women in our retreats and private sessions is to become very aware of what truly matters in her life, why and how to prioritise on these.

Then we release any unconscious patterns from her childhood/upbringing/society that block her from aligning with this true desire. This is super powerful and also surprisingly easy. It requires her trust in me so she can relax and let her unconscious mind direct us, so the learning is seen and the entire programme (fear, unworthiness, limitation)is dropped – permanently.

Often after a week, she doesn’t even remember that she had this particular problem!

All my work with you is while you are fully conscious. You are safe and just in a meditative inner space.

And you know what the most beautiful thing about all this is? This shift and awakening to your true self affects all your family generationally, and your shift will positively affect your life and those around you! You’ll be more energetic, happy, free, creative, joyful aligned, passionate, funny, healthy and vibrant. And you will be able to help others in a far more effective way too!

Life isn’t meant to be a hard slog, unless you decide it should be. We can get so much more done, and live with so much more free time to relax, when we free ourselves from old baggage and patterns which no longer serve us.

I am here – with great deep joy- to support and guide you with this – so that you remember who you truly are and live your aligned, passionate & peaceful life! Contact me for a free half an hour chat to connect and for you to ask any questions that arise for you.

Much love,