Current and past life awareness – why it is so pivotal and helpful for your best life!

Many women ask me about how we get in touch with their childhood memories so we can heal and move forward. Additionally there is huge interest in past lives and how they are affecting this current life, both in positive and negative ways. Tapping into this information, which is stored in the unconscious or subconscious mind, is easy, all it requires is your willingness to go there.

So how does this unfold?

In a nutshell, we discuss what is happening in your life. I am trained to know what to listen for, and naturally in my heart I am a very passionate and attentive listener – I truly care and wish to hear all you can share – for it all weaves into the session and clarity is enabled through the many interconnected experiences and stories shared. In fact many women have said that the way they are heard and validated and able to speak their truth and then naturally shift through their challenges naturally as a consequence of speaking their truth and hearing their truth out loud – that this in itself is a powerful healing and worth it in itself to see me. But of course this is only the start, as we dive into the learnings and resolution and hence great freedom from the presented challenges.

In a session, (face to face or on Zoom) I guide you into a lovely & easy relaxed state, and you’re comfortable in a cosy lounge chair here or your personal couch at your home (using specific slow breathing and visualisation), and you remain conscious, but very relaxed. I explain about your unconscious mind having recorded everything and about the wisdom of your higher self knowing everything – and how we tap into this – we explore the root cause of a challenge you are wishing to explore and ultimately release, while getting the empowerment of the learnings from it.

This is easy and deeply healing and freeing. Additionally this also deeply empowers her – for she can see her journey more clearly, and the path she has traveled and why! She discovers her soul journey and ancestral connections and family patterns which have affected her. She learns to see her patterns, and choices, both positive and not so preferred and the highest version of herself fills her with the wisdom beyond the experiences, offering her the learnings from it all. This means that after such a session you have immense clarity about the challenge you wanted to transform, and you step forward with that new freedom and clarity with steadiness. It is incredibly empowering. It is beyond words!!

We are so multifaceted and often carry the imprints of our mothers from our time in utero with us for life! Equally the way our fathers were at conception(loving or just having sex, or even rape), in utero (telling the mother she is fat, or shouldn’t have gotten pregnant, or he leaves her because she is pregnant), during and after birth (supportive, excited, welcoming, vs abandoning mother and baby, arguing), affects us deeply. We are highly sentient and aware of everything and we are affected uniquely according to our choices of what we incarnated for to learn this lifetime.

If we felt unwelcome (mother is afraid of becoming a mum, or not ready, or fears judgement by others), or even unnoticed (mother doesn’t realise she is pregnant until quite late into the pregnancy and child feels ignored, unrecognised, or she was in denial, afraid or too busy), this can translate into a deep pattern of insecurity which manifests as looking for security and love all our lives – out of deep fear of not belonging or not being good enough or wanted. This can reveal itself in so many ways, such as:

Attracting relationships that reflect not being wanted, being abused, invalidated. These relationships can be between any human and herself: parents, children, friendships, bosses.

Ultimately everything leads back to you (her) learning to self-love, self-align, self-empower (stop giving your power away) with the incredible true nature you are. These triggers are here for us to remember that we are whole & complete and safe & loved and to remember and embody this. These triggers and suffering are here to direct us back to saying no to abuse, lack of freedom or other forms of suffering. These triggers are here to direct us home, into inner joy, sovereignty and thriving. This is such joy, elation, bliss! It is coming home within as Divinity. Experiences of seeing the utter perfection, experiencing ecstatic oneness, bliss, deep alignment with self and life, and unconditional freedom are common things I hear from women as she and I journey through this.

This is what everyone (in my perspective) is searching for, bottom line, whether aware of it or not – in unique ways of course … some search for this inner meaning and connection by becoming a nun or a monk, or practising spiritually to their chosen mode of alignment; others search for themselves and their inner peace through relationship with their parents, their lovers, their children – this quest for meaning, purpose and peace is searched for in countless ways. Ultimately it is only found within. And that is awesome, for you have access to this. Right now.

The journey is perfect and different for everyone: Some search for recognition and a semblance of belonging through their work, success in the world as a business person, as a person of importance leading the way, as someone earning a huge amount of money as someone making a huge difference in this world.

There are as many paths of reaching home within as there are human beings. It is a divine unfolding and each journey is truly magnificent and unique, perfectly unfolding – now waking up to this means you can observe it, align with it, shift blockages, heal from barriers and wounds/hurt consciously! And this is where I may come in , with my passion to see women shine and remember who they are: BRILLIANT DIVINITY WITH INFINITE CREATIVITY AND SO DEEPLY LOVED, LOVE AND WORTHY AND CAPABLE OF ALL SHE EVER DREAMT OF AND MORE!

So I hope this helps you as you read this, and I assure you I am here to make this safe and beautiful and deeply freeing and empowering for you! This is truly my central life mission – and I do this with utter commitment. This means I am available after sessions and very reachable and here for you. I am there with you and I encourage you and support you with unique tools (mindset tools from NLP, hypnosis, ancient yoga tradition, quantum awareness, science, breath-work, and physical integration work – shifting DNA expression, releasing ancestral patterns etc) for you, so you can fly on your own.

If you are interested feel free to contact me directly. My details are on this page and I look forward to seeing you fly and flourish being YOU!

One love! Sabine