Why you are always more than enough & how to really embrace this truth

Who actually truly deeply knows themselves? Do you know someone who does? And even if so, are they the same each day, each week? Impossible.

Why? Because we are always in constant flux, as is the planet and the universe as far as we are aware. Change is natural and the only thing which is guaranteed. So why are we generally looking for security and predictability so much? Why do we want to know what is about to unfold and why do we cling to certain ideas so much? Understanding this really helps with the realising that you are always whole, complete and hiding from this is where all suffering arises.

When we are disconnected from our real wholistic nature, we feel incomplete, we search outwardly, compare, try to be something … when we ARE already all we need to be … and within the ever changing dance of life.

How can we remember who we are, when we are tricked into believing we are not enough, limited and missing something? How can we honour and radiate who we are, when we are in denial about who we are and constantly run on guilt trips, old un-useful programmes and then externalise instead of going within?

It is the same as looking for the holy grail in your spare room, when it is actually in your front garden.

Tuning within reveals your truth & sublime treasure chest within you, that you really are. Literally your love field is the most incredible energy within you, and you can choose to open it up and expand it. The heart chakra, Anahata is the most powerful field within you. More powerful than any other aspect of your attracting and radiating energetic self.

Only thoughts and hence programmed ideas of the contrary can have you believe and hence experience otherwise. Your true nature is innocent, loving and divine.

Some humans have forgotten this inner truth and power for not just one, but countless lifetimes, and have chosen to believe their thoughts or collective consciousness, which currently is still up-leveling to embrace this truth (that we are love). As you embrace your heart & hence your inner child, deep self recognition arises & your life will take on such resonance, flow, joy and peace — beyond all words. Your state of being will be pure radiant presence, shining truth. True wisdom of the heart will lead the way … humbly and in wisdom of when to say yes, no or stay silent … honouring you and all concerned with an awareness of a much larger, expanded awareness of life. This will feel miraculous at first and eventually it feels like alignment, a natural & healthy infinite state of being and joy.

So realising you are that, and beyond description, is the doorway or portal into this chosen reality .. and that “path” is unique for all & one could say it is a pathless path even. We just label it a path in our duality-based current way of navigating. That is all natural and part of the journey and ultimate discovery.

How do we actually do this? Well the first thing really is to playfully embrace that what I shared here is true. Check for yourself. Feel into this, and allow yourself to explore this. There are so-called techniques and it seems to me that our greatest journey is to return back into our fully blooming hearts, and there are countless ways of getting there .. although I must add, this could easily be an endless process of delicious love deep-diving and becoming it and seeing it all around … words are inadequate.

To feel this, it is helpful to realise the ways of the busy mind .. sometimes lovingly called monkey-mind. It is an intelligence (far less in caliber, truth and ingenuity than your heart, gut or intuition), which is based on staying “safe” ( which is equated as staying the ‘same ‘ as much as possible), fuelled by fear (feeling limited/weak/victimised/helpless), ruled by old patterns (limiting beliefs) – in order to have a predictable ‘safe’ life. It is quite primal (about survival inherently), and meant to serve us (not run the show) in decision making, through analysis/critical thinking/open mindedness. The real wisdom though comes from the heart and the gut and intuitive centres within us … in fact your heart is constantly guiding you – and it is the ignoring of this wisdom which causes human to feel terrible, to create dis-ease and make decisions that don’t tend to lead to joyful mutually beneficial outcomes (looking at the bigger overall picture) … I could go on and on here, elaborating and discussing… and I talk about this in one way or another in all yoga/meditation classes, private coaching sessions /programmes and retreats. For it is the key to true happiness to transcend the ego-mind or monkey-mind which is draining, limiting, ruminating … and holding you back from restful sleep, relaxed aligned living and the pure creative joy of being alive!

So what can we ‘do’ to dive in after this willingness is established? Allow yourself to be on your unique journey … enjoy to be lost and found, hurt and full of joy, grieving and laughing, depending on what is revealed in your heart. The shedding of layers, and feeling (true feeling) of suppressed experiences, feeling or emotions are a huge part of this .. to create the connection by embracing the disconnection and sense of loss of self. This is done at your time, feeling safe, and grounded in your perfect time and way.

I teach many ways of going there, with many pre-frames so it is uniquely right for each woman, and additionally honoured from deep within her (your) way of walking this path. I tune in and through intuitive sensing and connection hold space for her, the group, the women present – so they/she can feel safe to dive into her divine self and create healing, joy, self-love, self-nurture, self-discovery with ease, grace and flow, for her highest good! Ultimately FREEDOM to BE HERSELF!

Learning to meditate and go into y/our own relaxed, hypnotic inner space is profoundly soothing and loving … it is the portal into the heart as the heart is the air element, the breath and life itself. With the first breath we began to create a separate sense of self, with the last, we let go into the beyond the physical again … this too is something to embrace for us to truly be alive!

How we breathe 100% affects and creates the way in which we see life and relate to life’s experiences! I teach about this with ease and joy … so this is applied in anyone’s life in a way that is rewarding and non-technical and yet highly effective, explained with scientific background.

I teach about inner focus and how to go there; How to direct your thoughts, intent and hence direction you wish to choose … How to breathe to dive within; How the mind works to hold us back & how to see through that charade; How to keep tuning into the heart with confidence and readiness. I share about the embodiment of it – the body temple aspect – and the ways to go into self love in all ways. For you to embrace your full femininity. This is deep, magical and endless. But always, each moment of it, leads to an up-levelling of joy, alignment, peace, passion and overall, wellbeing.

Yes it is you who does this … it all depends on YOUR beautiful self deciding: “YES! I am so ready and willing to live my fullest potential, to love myself and life even more, to drop my borrowed limitations…”

Remember: only a belief which you hang on to and hold as true can affect you.

I could literally write a novel here … but shall leave it at this for now … and do let me know if you wish to chat about this, learn more, dive in or share about your journey. I honour you and see you as whole and complete!

Have a divine moment of ‘now’ .. trust and honour your wisdom and knowing within you… always!