Can meditation be easy? Is it for you? What are the benefits? Is it worth the time it takes?

Meditation is as unique as you are! This is great news! It means you can feel it out for yourself and find your own way from knowing your personality type and general lifestyle!

If you love to run along the beach, then that is a way to realise you are entering the meditative mind. It is a focused and relaxed state really .. as is hypnosis or trance. We enter such states naturally in our lives and often I am amazed that meditation teachers don’t share this or realise this. It clearly shows me that we all meditate in our own ways.

It can be absorption into art, the way the brush is moving across the surface of choice, be it canvas or paper, fabric or clay.. the list is endless, the experience unique and potentially deeply meditative .. the trick is to relax and create an environment within which allows for full absorption.

Music is often composed from such states. Brilliant art. Incredible innovations. Inventions .. answers to all problems are available within each of us … the way to tap into these is through relaxing the conscious patterns of thinking, the ego surface which is only about protection and preservation and therefore mostly about keeping life the same, would you believe. Equally the unconscious mind runs various programmes and unless they are seen consciously, they just run the show .. and meditation often highlights this and helps people to recognise such unconscious patterns.

You may ask is it worth all that time and effort? I say yes, a thousand fold!!! Reminds me of the quote “how do I love thee… ? Let me count the ways ..” (Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning – 1806-1861)

The benefits of just spending 5 minutes a day will safe you so much time and offer you so much alignment, it is impossible to give it justice in mere words, but I shall try.