Beginner’s Chakra Series


E-course of videos – includes Introduction and Visualisation Guidance, the 7 Chakras and a Chakra Practise Reminders PDF. 6 month expiry.



Welcome to exploring your incredible centres of consciousness: your chakras. Did you know that each chakra is linked to an organ, a body part (function) and an aspect of your endocrine system (e.g. hormonal health)? The chakra centres are incredible to delve into, as they remind you of your depth and offer you the tools to navigate and create consciously through them, and to understand yourself better, to increase well being emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

For example with the earth (base) chakra, everything is linked to our ability to feel safe, grounded, in essence our basic needs are taken care of – it literally is the foundation of life which symbolises your platform from which you live in the physical reality. If this centre of consciousness is imbalanced (through countless and unique ways, even inherited through generations or birth dynamics), it will be very challenging for you to feel strong enough to pursue challenges, to embrace change, to feel confident or to try new projects freely, unless you use your mental strength, which is finite and variable.

Balancing your earth chakra for example will give you a deep sense of inner connection, inner stability and hence you don’t tend to rely on or grasp at ‘outer’ security (which is unstable and illusive to a great degree anyway, and we know that). With a balanced base chakra, you feel self reliant, and not needy, and yet you are comfortable to ask for support or help, when needed. You will tap into your inner groundedness and also the earth element of our planet. This connection is linked with confidence, strength, resilience and stability. This is priceless and cannot be experienced in any other way besides a balanced earth chakra.

You may ask: so how is my earth chakra unbalanced, and how can I know this and balance this? There are many ways: you can enhance it by inner focus, through pelvic lifts, through a plethora of grounding exercises like barefoot walking, certain foods, types of breathing patterns; by relating to your feelings (realising if you feel unsupported or supported and why), by checking in with your related body parts, e.g feet, legs, spine. By noticing your relationship with your concept of earth, support, feeling safe.

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That is my speciality and one of my huge passions, and mind you, all chakras are concepts and all are interconnected.. here we are dissecting them so we can really connect and become aligned … which is both within and goes way beyond mental processes. I discuss this and much more for each chakra centre. I know you’ll enjoy this journey very much! In your own unique way, which is what I advocate throughout the course! If you want more after this basic beginners course, contact me – as I am creating another course for advanced students and am available for private coaching via Zoom also. See you in the course! Namaste!

P.S. To delve deep, have a journal ready, for this will enhance all we do within the course! It is optional though! So only use a diary if you are ok about that!


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