Union within yourself, through intention setting, awareness and focus development, conscious stretching, breathing specifically, visualising dynamically, shifting energy, feeling inner dynamics, tapping into intuitive knowing, releasing negativity, deepening creativity, balancing chakras, enhancing endocrine health, revitalising the nervous system, learning how to relax and let go.

Specialised yoga for women, each class is wholistic: A complete practise & package in itself ~ caring for her body, mind and spirit all in one class! A combination of ancient, traditional kundalini yoga techniques, yin and hatha yoga. These are applicable for absolute beginners or experienced yoga practitioners.

My teaching focusses on the power of allowing, surrender and then using breath and awareness to heal, shift and integrate naturally – creating both physical flexibility and mental restoration.

Each class includes breath-work, intention setting, chakra awareness and balancing, meditation, warm-up stretches, deep relaxation and each class is unique, personal and a self-hypnosis into deep wellbeing, tapping into inherent wisdom and hence personalised & deepest empowerment.

It is like a self-initiation, empowering yourself uniquely, which is a signature of my work with clients also.

The practises clear energy blockages, allowing for life-force (prana, chi) to flow more freely. They create stress relief, hence less energy drain & instead a feeling of refreshed and renewed energy.

Expect enhanced hormonal balance, improved nervous system health, digestive health and postural grace, and allow for unique unfolding according to every woman’s needs at the time.

Something incredible happens in each class, when women get together for deep self-care, me-time, self-love, taking responsibility with openness, for their ultimate highest frequency, radiance and wellbeing.

Our classes are online and live in Adelaide and depending on travel, all over the world.


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One on one Classes:

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