The way we breathe affects our perception, brain chemistry and state of being. The breath helps us relax and recover … and during healthy restful sleep, your whole body recovers, your emotions integrate, and your life becomes balanced, strong and infinite

Breathing rhythms completely affect the way we experience life! This is because the way we breathe affects the brain secretions, which in turn affect our state of being. This is my speciality in the form of studies both the yogic traditions and at University in doing my PhD studies. Naturally this can be used to enhance our state of relaxation (all the way to sleep) or conversely our degree of alertness.

Breathing is something we started off enjoying unconsciously. Different breathing rhythms signify different states of mind. So in order to work with the mind we can simply change our breathing patterns and become aware of the power of the breath to create emotional resilience, greater mental & physical health/strength, calmness & presence, clarity, relaxation, stronger focus, conscious drowsiness, meditative awareness, inspired states of mind and more. It is literally a ‘dial’ within us, where we can choose our state of being, as we harness the breath style for our needs and wishes.

My speciality is – having deeply studied breath and consciousness & having experienced and taught a huge variety of techniques over 20 years – helping human beings develop connection with deep healing, expanded consciousness, aligning with their genius zone, and be overall empowered /evolve, using pure breathing patterns.

You will receive guidance and support (besides the coaching plus scientific explanations) in the form of recorded instructions to refer to daily, to accelerate your breathing capacity with ease & to deepen your formation of new healthy, empowering habits!

Ask me for details and for more information about my background & contact me if you wish to learn more.

I look forward to working with you, so you can breathe in with joy, passion and love to lead your most wonderful life, full of energy, clarity, strength, alignment of heart and soul! Ask me more, if you’re curious about how I can specifically help you and how this works!