When we sleep well, we have a chance to function optimally, while without healthy quality and optimal amounts of sleep, we all suffer and live in limitation. These are scientific facts.

Here are some of the latest facts from my literature research of my PhD project into the focus of sleep health:

Lack of sufficient quality sleep is linked with:

  • increased anxiety
  • increased weight
  • increased risk of cancer
  • increased risk of heart attack
  • increased incidence of depression and mental health challenges
  • increased gut issues
  • low libido
  • decreased fertility

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because when we sleep we repair and integrate on all levels.

We process & consolidate our learnings, experiences and memories. We repair all organs – we literally have what is referred to as ‘clock genes’ which are activate d during specific hours of the night to repair specific organs. These are aligned with healthy circadian rhythms, and if these are out of alignment, aspects of our physiology will be in disrepair, straining all the other organs and negatively affecting the overall functioning of our bodies.

When you sleep well, the benefits are huge in every arena of your life!

  • Better decision making
  • More energy
  • Overall health
  • Mental stamina and health
  • Healthy digestion
  • Healthy weight

I specialise in assisting athletes with optimal sleep, for ultimate physical & mental recovery and highest performance potential. I offer up-to-date science backed techniques for better sleep, maximum performance. I also offer leading edge tools and greatest mental health, incorporating mindset tools, such as:

  • Meditation
  • HRV Measures
  • Visualisation
  • Power Focussing tools
  • NLP
  • Hypnosis
  • Breathing processes

I will help you to optimise:

  • HRV (heart rate variability) optimisation analysis and training
  • Breathing patterns for mental strength and deep sleep
  • Mind Capacity for clear focus on goals
  • WHOOP/wearable technology application for sleep assessment & improvement
  • Meditation styles uniquely tailored to each athlete for success and calm
  • Night time routine and sleep hygiene measures for optimal sleep

Think of your:

  • chronotype
  • sleep hygiene
  • mental health
  • exercise recovery
  • neuroplasticity
  • epigenenetics
  • flow-state
  • genius zone
  • mindset
  • thriving
  • optimization
  • fatigue recovery

Unfortunately, these days many of us need help to achieve optimal sleep. With the interference of our healthy lifestyles in the way of irregular bedtimes, disconnection from natural daylight, late dinners, higher stress levels, artificial light exposure often until late, consumption of stimulants, increased incidence in anxiety and depression, unsuitable pillows and unsupportive bedroom temperate, obesity and hormonal dysregulation, it has become harder and harder for human beings to enjoy easy onset & quality, uninterrupted sleep. I am here to help and support you in your journey back to optimal sleep, so you can feel full of energy, passion and inspiration again.

Remember: When you sleep well, you feel better emotionally, physically and energetically.

Did you know:

The way we breathe affects our perception, influences our nervous system, changes our brain chemistry and hence affects the way we see the world, meet challenges and this in turn determines how capable we are at enjoying the good times!

The breath (its depth & rhythm) can help us to relax and recover & it can help us to enter the healing and powerful relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system. This is healthy vagal tone, and the vagus nerve affects many of your essential bodily functions, such as:

  • digestion (brain gut connection is affected, acid reflux, indigestion, cramps, gastroparesis)
  • blood pressure (heart arrhythmia, bradycardia)
  • inflammation (low vagal tone is associated with nervous system imbalance & over-inflammation, premature ageing, autoimmune disorders)
  • heart rate (HRV) ( the baroreflex is affected by vagal tone, low vagal tone is linked with low HRV and this is a marker for decreased general health)
  • cognitive function (low vagal tone affects memory, concentration and learning)
  • mood (short temper, anxiety, depression are all linked with low vagal tone)

This in turn can allow for sleep onset to be quicker and for sleep quality to be greater and optimised. During healthy restful sleep, your whole body recovers, your emotions integrate, and your life becomes balanced, strong and you may go beyond currency set world-wide limits!

Breathing rhythms completely affect the way we experience & meet life! This is because the way we breathe affects the brain secretions, which in turn affect our state of being.

This is my speciality in the form of studies both the yogic traditions and at University in doing my PhD studies. I combine both of these areas of expertise for your ultimate wellbeing!

Did you know:

There are many breathing patterns and rhythms, ways of utilising the full breath (most people use about 60% of their capacity) plus there is the aspect of nostril and mouth breathing styles and the effects they have.

Naturally the breath can be used to create energy and excitement, and equally it can be used to enhance our state of relaxation (all the way to sleep) or conversely all degrees of alertness.

Breathing is something we started off experiencing unconsciously.

The more conscious we become of our breathing patterns, the more conscious we become about our state of mind and hence can change it, according to will.

Different breathing rhythms signify different states of mind. So in order to work with the mind we can simply change our breathing patterns, once we know what they are, and become aware of the power of the breath to create emotional resilience, greater mental & physical health/strength, calmness & presence, clarity, relaxation, stronger focus, conscious drowsiness, meditative awareness, inspired states of mind and more. It is literally a ‘dial’ within us, where we can choose our state of being, as we harness the breath style for our needs and wishes. This can bring up buried emotions, and I am here to guide you safely, so that your experiences are safe and empowering for you as you release old emotions which were limiting your wellbeing and hence life experiences.

My speciality is helping human beings, especially high performance athletes, to develop their connection with deep healing, expanded consciousness/awareness/confidence, aligning with their genius zone, and be overall empowered /evolve, using pure breathing patterns.

You will receive guidance and support (besides the coaching & scientific explanations) in the form of recorded instructions to refer to daily, to accelerate your breathing capacity with ease & to deepen your formation of new healthy, empowering habits!

Ask me for details and for more information about my background & contact me if you wish to learn more.

I look forward to working with you, so you can breathe in with joy, passion and love to lead your most wonderful life, full of energy, clarity, strength, alignment of heart and soul! Ask me more, if you’re curious about how I can specifically help you and how this works!