Yoga 1:1 Private Classes


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Initial Session 2 hours: $180 (Zoom or face to face)

Do you wish to have a unique powerful daily practise and deep understanding of what your body-mind-spirit connection will love?

In these 2 hours I will address your questions that you ask beforehand, via phone call, and teach you a tailored home practise and anything else you wish to learn about in the context of how you can serve you and how to do the practise. A great starting to a deep dive journey.

Follow Up Session – 1 hour: $90 (Zoom)

Do you feel unsure about the effectiveness of your yoga practise or wish to start exploring yoga more deeply?

These can be to help you with the home practise, to guide you or to simply take the work deeper as yoga is all about the body, mind, psychological aspect, lifestyle, mindset and breathing… wholistic integration over time with guidance in which I empower and encourage you to trust yourself, connect to your knowing and wisdom – that is always the intention.


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