Meditation Course


3 part course of meditation videos. 6 month expiry.



Teaching ANYONE that they can meditate and dive deep into the world of silence, peace, consciousness and inner creativity is my utter joy! I have been told countless times that my approach is practical, fun, easy, natural and just works. Many people told me they always struggled or spent years and so much money trying to meditate, and yet still felt unsatisfied, until they came across me. I have been told this so much over the last 15 years, that I believe I have some gift to share meditation with humanity.

I love to see humans realise they are powerful and the masters of their response to life, and free to choose to interact with life in ways that serve them, and that you can choose YOUR reality. You really can, and I show you how. With ease, grace and flow! This is a basic set, but you know what? If you really practise these 3 ways for a few minutes daily, your life will enhance in positive ways beyond measure! Let me know how you went and also feel free to ask questions. These series consist of 7 videos, which are made of an overall introduction and then an introduction & practise video set for each concept and style of meditation. You’ll find yourself meditating right then and there! Smiling and feeling good, being yourself, journeying along this path in your own unique way. YES to that!!! In joy, Sabine


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